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Our first project, a new water main line, has been completed and is working well. All the shrubs and trees that had to be moved are back in place and we are working to restore any damage done to the grounds from digging and heavy machinery operation. The bid process for wood shingle roofing was presented last week from Building and Grounds and the Implementation Committee voted to recommend Richards Construction for the job. We are happy to note that the bid is much less than the initial projection. The information was presented to your Vestry on the same day and approval was granted for moving forward. A date has not been set for beginning work, but we have been assured it will be this fall. Design plans for sanctuary lighting and configuration continue to be developed and will be ready in the coming weeks to be presented in open informational sessions. We thank you for your faith as we move forward toward “Restoring and Renewing,” and continue to “Rejoice” and celebrate the beauty of our future in the love and name of Christ.


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Dear Christ Episcopal Church Members and Friends,

The Vestry has been very busy the past two weeks as the transition process moves forward. As parishioners have spoken with us, their questions have centered on three topics. We would like to communicate to you today how to seek assistance with pastoral care emergencies, the status of weekend church services, and who will fill the duties of the clergy.

Pastoral Emergencies – We are in a short period of time where supply clergy will assist on Saturdays and Sundays. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call the church at 363-2029, and select the pastoral care emergency option. Please leave a message and you will be contacted by the ministry team. This is the same process already in place at the church.

However, some clarification regarding the importance of contacting the church is needed, especially for those who have not been hospitalized in quite a while - and for those who would like pastoral care while in the hospital.

Prior to health care privacy laws (HIPPA), hospitals could call the Church when parishioners entered the hospital. Now, as a result of the health care privacy laws, that information is not available to us like it had been in the past.  That is why it is so very important for family members to contact us when a parishioner enters the hospital.

Saturday and Sunday Services – Scheduled service times remain unchanged. The Reverend Maureen Doherty has agreed to be our supply priest for the next week or so for our regular weekend services. We deeply appreciate her willingness to assist us.

Priest-in-Charge - As we move into the discernment process for our next Rector, we expect an interim period of at least a year and likely longer. After consultation with the Bishop, the Vestry has decided to consider a Priest-in-Charge approach to the interim period. The Vestry discussed the candidates put forward by Bishop Scarfe, and a very qualified Priest has been selected. We are in discussion regarding interest in working with our parish and will have more detailed information for you very soon. 

These are brief details of a much more detailed process. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers in the weeks and months to come.

With Love and Blessings to All,

Christ Church Vestry






Our Mission Statement at Christ Church


The Mission of Christ Episcopal Church is to experience and share God’s love by welcoming, empowering and serving in Christ’s name.


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Seeking Christ in ourselves, serving others in Christ.

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